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Riverland Laser is fully equipped with both YB:Fiber and Co2 lasers, and we have the capability to solve all marking needs. We mark from simple parts through more difficult parts such as rotary, small part marking and parts that require table moves, and will mark 1 part or 100,000 parts.


We aid in the graphic design process to the marking and shipping of your product.


Riverland Laser provides customers with on-time delivery and the highest manufacturing standards utilizing innovative technologies. Most orders are turned-around in 5-10 days. Need your parts sooner? Expediting is always an option. Just Call or e-Mail.

Industrial & Medical

ISO Compliant

Rotary and Large Capabilities

Vector Measured Tolerances

.005" Capabilties

Near Clean Room Capabilities

Plastic, Steel, Aluminum, Titanium Powder Coated


Drinkware, Tech,

Leather Gifts

Crystal & Acrylic

Corporate & Office

Sports & Academic Awards

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Formed in 1998, Riverland Laser is a total solution laser marking job shop in River Falls, WI.


ISO Compliant

Near Clean Room Capabilities


Metal Fabrication


Plastic Molding

Batch Coding



Consumer Goods




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Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Steel, Titanium & More


ABS, Acrylic, Poly, & More


Cherry, Pine, Oak, Walnut, Piano Finish, Alder & More


Crystal, Colored or Clear, Recycled & More

And much more including stone, rubber, leather & vinyl

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"I enjoy working with the team at Riverland! They are always very responsive and accommodating! They are extremely flexible especially when there is a need for expediting."


"They are also very in tune to our expectations and are very good about questioning molding-related defects and Part number discrepancies."

How the Riverland Process WOrks


LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser light is either emitted in a narrow, low-divergence beam or can be converted into one with the help of optical components such as lenses.

Laser marking and laser etching are both a process that uses light energy to change the color or engrave the surface of various materials.

Laser marking basically discolors material leaving little or no tactile feel in the surface while laser etching ablates the material leaving a tactile depression in the surface.

Laser marking and etching has a large range of benefits that no other marking methods offer.

  • Fast, permanent, non-contact marking on virtually any material.
  • Single piece or production runs.
  • Will not damage heat treated or plated parts.
  • We can work with your blueprints, drawings, logos, sketches and ideas.
  • The process is flexible; changes can be made easily.
  • No solvents or chemicals are required.

Laser marking is the fastest and most accurate technique for marking a wide variety of material from steel and aluminum to plastics and ceramics and more.

Custom Designs | Intricate Designs

Beyond Your Imagination

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